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Year 2

Home Learning Tasks can now be found by clicking on the 'children' then 'class pages' tab. There you will find a link to 'Hazel Class Home learning'


thank you 


Mrs Parton



Home Learning task


Good morning Hazel Class!


What a beautiful sunny day it was yesterday, I hope you recorded it on your weather chart? Mr Mrutu, one of the teachers at Kikundi Primary in Morogoro, messaged me today and said it was grey and rainy in Morogoro and that they are expecting thunderstorms tomorrow. It is still a lot warmer that the UK though. Yesterday it was 11 degrees centigrade in Malvern and in Morogoro it was 23 degrees. 


Today I would like you to get outside in your garden and look for signs of Spring. You can draw what you see in your English book and label your picture. Can you write a few sentences to describe what changes happen during Spring? Use as many interesting adjectives as you can and don't forget your capital letters and full stops as well. If you can see any plants growing think about what they need to grow well and describe the perfect conditions for a plant to grow. 


Remember to read for 15 minutes and you could go on TTrockstars and challenge me to a duel! You can also play lots of games on Education City if you are allowed to use the computer but make sure you check with your grown-ups first!


Have a good day and stay safe.


Mrs Parton





Monday- Home Learning


Good morning Hazel Class!


I hope you have all had a good weekend and managed to get outside for a little while in the lovely Spring sunshine yesterday. Have you noticed any signs of Spring around you? Here in Malvern there are lots of trees starting to bud and some beautiful Spring flowers poking their way through the grass outside the window of my new flat. Last night Mr Parton and I went for a long walk around our new home and the birds were all singing loudly. Listen out for the birds in your garden if you can. 


If you are staying at home there are lots of online exercise activities you could try, Joe Wicks is broadcasting a daily exercise class at 9am and Cosmic Kids yoga has some lovely routines you can easily follow.


Have you chosen two activities to do today? Don't forget to look at the grid on the inside of your Maths and English books and pick two things to do to keep you busy at home. Remember to use your neatest writing in those books and write down what you have been up to. You could also stick photographs in or draw and label pictures. I am looking forward to seeing your books when we get back to school and I hope it won't be too long before I can see you all again as well.


I would also like you to start collecting information about the weather each day and there is an idea about how you could present you information below. You could decide to use a different method like a tally chart or a block chart. If you can find out what the weather is like in Morogoro, Tanzania as well then you can compare our two countries. Kikundi Primary School is also closed at the moment and the teachers have been messaging me to ask if we are all ok. They also send their love to you all. 


Don't forget to read for 15 minutes today, you could write about what you read in your English book. I know you all picked some long chapter books from the library which might take a long time to read but don't give up! What do you think will happen in your book? Who is the main character? Is there a goody and a baddie in the story? Is this book similar to anything else you have read?


That's all for today. Make sure you are helping your grown-ups around the house and being polite and well behaved!


Mrs Parton




YR2 home learning packs can be found in the front of the Maths and English books sent home today and are also available to download below. You should have also received various resources to use when completing your learning activities.


Try to complete one Maths and 1 English activity each weekday and record them in your books. Don't forget to read every day


Check back each weekday for a message and further activities to complete.




Mrs Parton


Home Learning Grid YR2


Maths Homework this week


Make a repeating pattern using anything you like! It could be a shape pattern, an object pattern or a colour pattern. Can you answer these questions about your pattern?

Explain the pattern to someone else.

Can you say the pattern?

Which part repeats?

How many shapes/objects are in each repeating part?

How does that help you know what comes next?

How can we use the pattern to work out what the 10th shape/object will be? 

What would the 15th shape in your pattern be? 

24.02.2020 Term 2.2

Don't forget to practise your spellings for this half term! There will be a test at the end of the term.


said, put, push, pull, full, our, you, your, some, because, most, only, hold, steak, after, last, pass, plant, hour, sugar, improve, sure, whole, any, many, water, half, money, Mr, Mrs, everybody 



Do you know the way to school? What do you pass on your journey? What would your journey look like on a map? 


Make a map of the journey you take to school putting on any important landmarks you pass on the way.

Don't forget to add a key! 


You can make your map using any materials you like. You might want to paint it or collage a 3D map. Be as creative as you can but make sure that it is still a map!


Can you write some simple instruction to tell someone else how to get to school?


You have two weeks to complete this homework. Please bring it to school by Wednesday the 12th February. 


Don't forget to keep practising your spellings for a test at the end of half term!


today, we, were, was, because, mind, wild, cold, every, after, fast, grass, bath, could, should, would, parents, everybody, even



Please log on to education and play YR2 division and multiplication games. Passwords are in the front of the children's homelink books.


Spellings to practise this half term are below


Today, we, were, was, because, mind, wild, cold, every, after, fast, grass, bath, could, should, would, parents, everybody, even


There will be a spelling test at the end of the half term.




Homework this week- Our work about African art will lead on to our next Inspirational Individuals from History- Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks.

Can you find out about one of them?

When did they live?

Where did they live?

Why are they famous?

What are they famous for?


You can present your work in any way you like for example draw and label pictures, write about what you find out or make a poster about the famous person you choose.


Please return this homework by Wednesday 4th December (2 weeks).


Mrs Parton



Homework this week- our next mini topic is about African art and the natural patterns that inspire it. What animals can you think of that live in Africa? Make a list as a starting point for our topic work investigations. Can you draw any African animals? Or can you draw the patterns that the animals have on their skins or coats?


Please return your homework by Wednesday 20th.

Mrs Parton





We have been reading ‘Traction Man is Here’ by Mini Grey. It is a story about a superhero who saves the day and rescues people in distress. 

Do you know any other stories that have superheroes in? 

Which is your favourite? 

Draw a picture of the main character and label your picture to show what super powers your hero has. 


* Extra challenge! Write a sentence about your superhero describing how he/she is like Traction Man.*


Please return your book to school by next Wednesday 


The words to learn for the second half of the Autumn term are


said, says, he, she, me, love, father, Christmas, our, friend, once, one, because, kind, both, old, cold, told, great, pretty, beautiful, past, who, any, clothes, people, busy, again, Mr, everybody


There will be a spelling test at the end of the half term and we will be practising these words at school as well!


Autumn Term 2019




Each half term we will be learning to read a spell some of the common exception words from the National Curriculum. Here is a list of the words for this half term.


one, once, school, push, pull,

because, climb, child, children, told,

break, pretty, beautiful, class, move,

prove, improve, eye, who,

any, water, parents 


Please help your child to learn to read and spell these words. Remember they don't follow any common spelling patterns so need to be learnt using the look, say, cover, write, check  method. A template for this method can be found on the Hazel Class Page.