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Collective Worship

Autumn Term 1 2021-Friendship

Summer term 1: Christian value of respect


This half term we are exploring the value of respect. 

At NJK we look to the New Testament to inspire us to offer respect. We learn that Jesus valued every person equally regardless of status, gender, age or wealth. In the book of Mark we learn that when the disciples tried to send children away Jesus said….

‘Let the children come to me, and do not stop them, because the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.’ Mark 10:14




Jesus shows respect to children

Respect at NJK

We explore the Christian value of respect by teaching that every pupil and adult is made in God’s image and is uniquely precious and worthy of respect. Respect features highly in our school rules and we expect everyone to speak and act respectfully at all times. Our pupils will be seen acting respectfully through gestures, such as holding a door open, using manners and in the way they speak to one another. Through our curriculum, RE and collective worship we strive to offer children the opportunity to learn about different faiths and cultures. We celebrate differences and ensure all are respectful whilst learning about differences.

Celebrating pupils living out the Christian value of Respect.


Elijah Martin in Rowan Class being congratulated for showing our Christian value of respect.

Prayer experiments we have loved this term.

Paper Chain Prayers

Jar of Thankfulness Prayers

Play Do Prayers

Straw Rocket Prayers

Class prayer and worship areas

Since the start of term, the pupils have enjoyed making a prayer / worship area in their classes. They have had great fun using 'The prayer experiment' book to help them make prayer fun. We have had some paper chain prayers, thank you jar prayers and play dough prayers so far. Some classes will be doing bubble wrap prayers next week!