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Easter activities

1. Write a book review


This two week break is a great opportunity for you to read, or listen to, a book and then you can write a review to add to our book corner when we return to school.


You can use the book review template, either printing it and filling in as you would at school, or as a guide to design your own book review.


If you do not have any new books at home, because you have read them all, you can either complete a book review of something you have already read, or you could visit the links below to access some audio books.

Audible has provided all of their audio books for free while schools are closed, so there is a huge choice for you to stream

If you haven't found it yet, David Walliams has been reading stories from his 'The World's Worst Children' collection all week. These entertaining short stories are available for free until Sunday and you could write a review on the collection. 

2. Roman Craft


If you haven't yet completed the following tasks from your Topic Tasks sheet, you could try these creative activities over the two-week break.


6. Make a 3D object from Roman times, such as a shield, a Roman house, a Celtic house.

9. Design an outfit for a slave to wear in the Roman times.

10. Design an outfit for a rich person to wear in Roman times.

13. Create your own Roman god. Decide what they would be the god of, how people might worship him or her, and draw a picture to match.

3. Invent a new 'object'


As we have been exploring materials and their properties in science this half term, you should now be an expert on identifying the different properties of different materials.


With that in mind, have a look around your house for a selection of different materials and, using their properties effectively and efficiently, create a new 'object' that can do a particular job, based on the properties of the materials used to make it.


Name your object and write a set of instructions for how to you it. You could even design the packaging for your new invention, in case you ever managing to bring your object to market in the future.

4. Maths on the Move


Click on the link to find some basic maths activities that require only what you have in the house. Challenge yourself to see how quickly you can complete the sheet, or race against others at home.

5. Design a T-Shirt


Enter a competition by designing a t-shirt! Worcester Wolves Basketball team have launched a competition to design a new t-shirt, with a chance of the winning design being put onto a t-shirt next season! Follow the link for more details and copy of the t-shirt template.