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Together, with the love and joy of God, we will discover, develop & maximise our unique potential.

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Behaviour Workshop 2023


Behaviour Principles



At Norton-Juxta-Kempsey School we believe that the management of pupil behaviour is best achieved through praise and reward. We appreciate that children are still learning about acceptable behaviour and will need guidance and support as they evolve their own internal understanding. We also want children to appreciate the consequences of their actions and that this will involve the use of sanctions if appropriate. We acknowledge that learning about acceptable behaviour is not confined just to timetabled activities in the classroom but permeates the whole of the time which children spend on the premises or engaged in school related activities.




  • to encourage a calm, purposeful and happy atmosphere within the school

  • to encourage increasing independence and self-discipline so that each child learns to accept responsibility for their own behaviour

  • to make the boundaries of acceptable behaviour clear and to ensure safety

  • to raise awareness about appropriate behaviour

  • to foster positive, caring attitudes

  • to promote a fair and consistent approach so that everybody in the school community knows their expectations


    We expect our children to:


  • Follow the rules at all times

  • work to the best of their abilities, and to allow others to do the same

  • treat others with respect

  • co-operate with adults and other children

  • take care of property and the environment in and out of school

  • reflect on the values introduced during Collective Worship and apply them to everyday life


    As a staff we will:


  • treat all children fairly, recognising their individuality and needs

  • raise children's self-esteem and develop their full potential

  • provide a challenging, interesting and relevant curriculum

  • create a safe and pleasant environment, physically and emotionally

  • use rules and sanctions clearly and consistently



  • Be Respectful 

  • Be Responsible 

  • Be Safe



As a church school our Christian Values are shared with all stakeholders . There are seven values: love, courage,respect,forgiveness,friendship,compassion and trust. We expect our values to permeate throughout all aspects of school life. Pupils are celebrated during Congratulations assemblies for applying these values.


 Personal Skills

 We also encourage the pupils to apply themselves to their learning in all aspects of school life. They are rewarded for perseverance,concentration,commitment,self-reliance and team work with House Points. We have four House Teams: Corunna, Salamanca, Peninsula and Toulouse.House Points.