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Ash Class 2021-2022

Self Isolating pupils 

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Welcome to Year 4

Rainforest Knowledge Organiser

The Ancient Maya Knowledge Organiser

For our WOW IN to the 'Ancient Maya', we enjoyed a fully immersive day with Kat from the 'Widget Workshop'.  The children used VR headsets and were taken to see different Maya ruins, they dived into a cenote and explored the rainforests.  


After break, the children learnt about Maya maths and had a go at using a stick, shell and pebble as the Maya would have to represent different numbers. 


In the afternoon, the children explored lots of different artefacts and discussed as a class what they could learn about the Ancient Maya from the different artefacts. 


As part of our D&T and Art, we created some Maya masks.  The children studied the different types of masks that the Ancient Maya used - event masks, death masks and battle masks.  We analysed the different masks and explored their features.  Once the children had completed this, they designed their mask and created it using cardboard.  The children thought carefully about which features to make 3D and how to create this effect. 

'The History of the Norton Barracks' Knowledge Organiser

During our topic, we explored our local area and collected information about the history of the Norton Barracks.  For our WOW IN, we went on a historical walk and visited the information plaques around Brockhill village to help gain the knowledge we needed to understand the development of the barracks, the soldiers that trained there and their typical day. Below are some pictures of the children enjoying gathering the information. 

Historical Trail around Brockhill Village

Once we had learnt about the different regiments, we walked down to the church to have a look at the 'Regimental Colours' that are hung up in St James the Great.  Whilst we were at the church, we also looked at the grave stones of the soldiers who are buried in the church yard.  We found out their ranks within the Infantry, how old they were when they died and the regiment they were apart of.   

St James the Great