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Hazel 2019 2020

Summer Term 1

Please log in to your child's Seesaw account to access daily set activities.


Monday- Home Learning


Good morning Hazel Class!


I hope you have all had a good weekend and managed to get outside for a little while in the lovely Spring sunshine yesterday. Have you noticed any signs of Spring around you? Here in Malvern there are lots of trees starting to bud and some beautiful Spring flowers poking their way through the grass outside the window of my new flat. Last night Mr Parton and I went for a long walk around our new home and the birds were all singing loudly. Listen out for the birds in your garden if you can. 


If you are staying at home there are lots of online exercise activities you could try, Joe Wicks is broadcasting a daily exercise class at 9am and Cosmic Kids yoga has some lovely routines you can easily follow.


Have you chosen two activities to do today? Don't forget to look at the grid on the inside of your Maths and English books and pick two things to do to keep you busy at home. Remember to use your neatest writing in those books and write down what you have been up to. You could also stick photographs in or draw and label pictures. I am looking forward to seeing your books when we get back to school and I hope it won't be too long before I can see you all again as well.


I would also like you to start collecting information about the weather each day and there is an idea about how you could present you information below. You could decide to use a different method like a tally chart or a block chart. If you can find out what the weather is like in Morogoro, Tanzania as well then you can compare our two countries. Kikundi Primary School is also closed at the moment and the teachers have been messaging me to ask if we are all ok. They also send their love to you all. 


Don't forget to read for 15 minutes today, you could write about what you read in your English book. I know you all picked some long chapter books from the library which might take a long time to read but don't give up! What do you think will happen in your book? Who is the main character? Is there a goody and a baddie in the story? Is this book similar to anything else you have read?


That's all for today. Make sure you are helping your grown-ups around the house and being polite and well behaved!


Mrs Parton





YR2 home learning packs can be found in the front of the Maths and English books sent home today and are also available to download below. You should have also received various resources to use when completing your learning activities.


Try to complete one Maths and 1 English activity each weekday and record them in your books. Don't forget to read every day


Check back each weekday for a message and further activities to complete.




Mrs Parton


Home Learning Grid YR2

Hazel Class- Year 2



Mrs Parton and

Mrs Thompson-Latham

Welcome to Hazel Class! We have an exciting year planned with lots of interesting topics to share with you. Don't forget to check out the parent tab homework page each week to keep up to date with ways you can help continue your learning at home! If you have any question, no matter how small, please asks a member of staff or pop a note in your child's homelink book. Homelink books are checked every morning.



Maths Cafe


What a great turn out! Many thanks to all who attended and supported the children in their learning about 2D and 3D shapes. This winner of the shape monster competition (as voted for by the children) was Lily!


Photos to follow! Watch this space.



Next week we will be starting to find out all about fractions. There may well be some cake or pizza involved! Yummy :)

4.02.2020 Hazel Class Educational Visit to Envirosort



Over the last 2 weeks we have been collecting and investigating lots of data! We have created tally charts, pictograms and block charts. If you want to know which biscuit was the most popular in Hazel Class come and have a look at our block chart or ask one of the children! 



Some examples of the types of data collection we have looked at.


Just how do you wash a woolly mammoth? 

The children really enjoyed sharing the story by Michelle Robinson and have been coming up with some great ideas about how they would complete this tricky job! Watch this space for their ideas!

Geography Topic

Where Do I live?


So far this half term in topic we have covered-


* What the school looks like from above and what the surrounding grounds look like. 


*  What the route from my classroom to other areas of the school looks like on a floor plan. 


*  How to give instructions on how to get from one place to another.


We are now moving on to-

*  What the route from home to school looks like on a map.


Please see homework page for more details.


We will then be moving on to comparing the climate where we live to that of a country in the Southern Hemisphere (Tanzania)

Where do I live?


Would a Dinosaur make a good pet?

Some children think it would but others disagree. We have been fining out about what habitat an animal needs to keep it healthy and happy. This week we investigated food chains. Do you know what a dinosaur might eat?


We are also collecting interesting scientific vocabulary and finding out what it all means. For example; carnivore, omnivore and herbivore; prey and predator; producer, consumer, apex predator or cannibal!


Once we have found all of the facts we will be writing a report about why a dinosaur would or would not be a good pet!

Science- Food Chains

Knowledge Organiser Spring Term

This half term the common exception words to practice are as follows.


today, we, were, was, because, mind, wild, cold, every, after, fast, grass, bath, could, should, would, parents, everybody, even



There will be spelling test at the end of the half term.


Don't forget to visit the school library and borrow books to read at home. These should be recorded in your home-school link books.



Spring Term 1

Happy New Year and welcome back to school

African Art Inspired Fans

On Friday 29th November Hazel Class visited the Lawns Nursing Home to sing iSingPop songs and to give the residents some postcards we had made. We really enjoyed meeting the residents and the gingerbread men they gave us were very tasty!

Term 1.2 week 3

African Art Project


Following Madame Maoo's exciting visit to NJK the children enjoyed exploring African art. We looked at lots of examples of fabric designs to get inspiration for our own designs. Then we developed our idea and designed our own African art inspired fans. Keep checking this page for phots of the finished art work!

African Art Project


The words to learn for the second half of the Autumn term are


said, says, he, she, me, love, father, Christmas, our, friend, once, one, because, kind, both, old, cold, told, great, pretty, beautiful, past, who, any, clothes, people, busy, again, Mr, everybody


Some of the children have been telling me they are practising to spell these words at home and did really well in a recent spelling test! Well done!

Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check spellings homework sheet.

Topic Fact Sheet-Autumn Term 1.1 2019



Welcome back!

Over the last few days the children have settled in to the routines of YR2 well.

Watch this space for further information about our curriculum and activities this year.

PE will be on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Please make sure your child has a named PE kit and trainers/pumps in school at all times. Thank you.


Each half term we will be learning to read a spell some of the common exception words from the National Curriculum. Here is a list of the words for the first half term.


one, once, school, push, pull,

because, climb, child, children, told,

break, pretty, beautiful, class, move,

prove, improve, eye, who,

any, water, parents 


Please help your child to learn to read and spell these words. Remember they don't follow any common spelling patterns so need to be learnt using the look, say, cover, write, check  method.



Hazel Class 2018-19

Mrs Parton, Mrs Thompson-Latham and Mrs Morse

During some of this term Miss Kitley, a student teacher from Worcester University, will also be working in Hazel Class.

William Morris inspired Pop-Up-Museum

KS1 Summer Term Curriculum Overview

Summer Term 2019

Using pastels to create New York City skyline silhouette pictures.

PAINTING THE STORY- We then used our paintings to retell the story. Can you spot the Bear in the story?

MRS PARTON'S MATHS GROUP- work on fractions

KS1 Outdoor Learning- May 2019- Andy Goldsworthy inspired story setting pictures.

KS1 Outdoor learning- Common exception words- May 2019

MRS PARTON'S MATHS GROUP-May 2019- counting larger numbers by grouping in 10s

MRS PARTON'S MATHS GROUP- may 2019- counting by grouping

MRS PARTON'S MATHS GROUP- Representing numbers

Autumn Term December 2018

Thank you to everyone who came to KS1's Pop-Up Toy Museum this afternoon. The children thoroughly enjoyed seeing you and sharing what they have been doing this term- especially the pop-up toys they made! They really enjoyed having the chance to write to relatives to find out about what toys were like in the past and we have shared many reply letters in class. 


Some of our maths practical work this term

On 25th October to conclude and consolidate our work on habitats, life cycles and classification of animals Rowan and Hazel classes visited Bishops Wood and had an amazing time learning about all sorts of mini-beasts! We went pond dipping, mini-beast hunting, tree shaking and insect catching. We learnt all about the different types of mini-beasts there are, where they make their homes and how they are classified.


You can visit Bishop's Wood website by clicking the link below and find out about their facilities and the benefits of outdoor learning 

Bishop's Wood Environmental Centre

Curriculum News letter Autumn Term 2018