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Norton Juxta Kempsey CofE Primary School

Together, with the love and joy of God, we will discover, develop & maximise our unique potential.

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Vision: Together, with the love and joy of God, we will discover, develop & maximise our unique potential.


The Father has loved us so much! He loved us so much that we are called children of God. And we really are his children.

 1 John 3:1 – ICB


School Statement, ethos & aims for Spirituality and Spiritual Development

In Norton Juxta Kempsey, we recognise that developing the spirituality of our pupils and adults is a fundamental aspect of enabling pupils and adults to flourish.


Our school’s distinctively Christian vision,

Together, with the love and joy of God,

we will discover, develop & maximise our unique potential’

allows all adults and pupils to develop their spiritual capabilities to their unique potential.

Our school vision is integral to everything we do at NJK. We want to discover and maximise everyone’s unique potential. We aim to deliver a joyful and inspiring school experience where everyone feels loved, valued and cherished. Our aims of spiritual development are based on its Christian foundation but are inclusive in practice. Spiritual development at Norton Juxta Kempsey is distinct from social, moral and cultural development. We encourage everyone to be reflective about their own beliefs, to show respect for themselves and each other, & to develop an appreciation of their feelings and values. Our vision inspires all to use their imagination and creativity in their learning, to appreciate a sense of enjoyment and fascination in learning about themselves and others and the world around them. Spirituality is well planned and of high quality so that the whole community is engaged on a journey of discovery.

Spirituality at NJK

At NJK we foster all opportunities to nurture children’s spiritual development.


At NJK spirituality is

A united appreciation of something that is felt deeply and expressed through us all being reflective about our own beliefs, developing an appreciation of our feelings and values, a sense of awe and wonder in the world and being inspired to be creative and imaginative.

Spirituality in Collective Worship

Collective Worship is one of the ways we offer pupils the opportunity to develop their spiritual growth. Collective Worship at Norton Juxta Kempsey offers adults and pupils opportunities for song, prayer, stillness and reflection. 

Spirituality at NJK: Interfaith week 2020


Awe & Wonder!

Messages from people of different faiths.

Willow Class Spiritual Inspirations

Andy Goldsworthy natural inspired art, ice sculptures, porcelain clay decorations and leaf garlands.

Rowan Class was inspired to create the world and to have all the animals and people caring for the world.

Hazel Class were inspired to use recycled materials to make mobiles.

Ash Class were inspired to write acrostic poems about our wonderful world.

Oak Class Spiritual inspired acrostic poetry about our wonderful world.

Maple Class picture book about a towns compassion to come together and create a better environment and nature for wildlife.

Elm Class were inspired to express their spirituality in different ways ranging from paintings, sculptures, poetry and books.

‘Our big book of Spirituality’ is a snapshot of some of the ways we achieve this.


Of course, the very nature of spirituality cannot always be neatly captured in print and is often a spine-tingling feeling of individual or united appreciation of something that is felt deeply none the less.

Please enjoy some examples of our pupils being ... 

Be reflective about their own beliefs,

Show respect for themselves and each other,

Develop an appreciation of their feelings and values,

 Appreciate a sense of enjoyment and fascination in learning about themselves and others and the world around them,

Use their imagination and creativity in their learning

And a willingness to reflect on their experiences.

Spirituality at NJK: children are given opportunities to explore values and beliefs, including religious beliefs, and the way they affect people’s lives.


Our school values our integral to everything we do. They are displayed throughout the school, in the entrance hall, the school hall and every classroom.


We ensure all children are able to talk about our values and how they contribute to their everyday lives.

Spirituality at NJK: Our Year One and Two children were given the opportunity to explore values and beliefs and how that affects people’s lives through their topic work on Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandella.

The children spent a morning ‘experiencing’ what it felt like to be segregated. They were able to reflect on this experience and had a greater understanding of the significance of Nelson Mandella and Rosa Parks actions on discrimination.

Spirituality at NJK: Where children have religious beliefs, we support and develop these beliefs in ways which are personal and relevant to them.


Children are encouraged to ‘talk to God’ through our Prayer tree. The Prayer tree is inclusive to everyone & open to all faiths.

We are fortunate to have visitors from our local Churches visit us to worship together through our daily act of Collective Worship.

Children attending Brownies and Rainbows which is held at school and ran by a teacher are also warmly invited to join in with the Church Services throughout the year.

Spirituality at NJK: We promote teaching styles which value pupils’ questions & give them space for their own thoughts, ideas & concerns.


The new Worcestershire Agreed Syllabus for RE promotes enquiry-based learning. We have explored this approach by using ‘characters’ to further our research into a ‘big question’. The children have the opportunity to ‘become’ Ask it all Ava, Debate it all Derek, See the Story Susie or Have a go Hugo. Each character has unique characteristics which will help the children to answer the ‘big question’. If the children want to ask lots of questions and interview people they would ‘become’ Ask it All Ava, if they were going to experience and have a go at an aspect of religion e.g. worship, celebrating a festival, enjoying food & music they would ‘become’ Have a go Hugo.

Spirituality at NJK: Throughout the school Children have great fun during our WOW days! The children are encouraged to explore curiosity and creativity!


‘Transforming the ordinary into extraordinary’

Spirituality at NJK: During our ‘Dragon Den Challenge’ children were encouraged to work co-operatively, use their imagination, be creative and reflect on ideas.


The children had to design a new product that could be ‘the next big thing!’

Each class voted for a winning design and these were ‘pitched’ to a panel of experts and the whole school during a nail biting presentation!


The winning team were invited to DRP to see their product ‘realised’ as a 3D graphical representation.

Very Exciting!


Spirituality at NJK: Our Key Stage Two Electricity Exploration WOW Day encouraged fascination and offered opportunities to explore

awe and wonder 

“How does electricity work?”

Children were encouraged to ask questions

What? Why? How? & Where?

Spirituality at NJK: We value every individual, accommodate differences and respect the integrity of Individuals.


NJK has a strong link with a school in Tanzania through our Global School Partnership. Teachers from both schools have visited each other and our children have enjoyed learning about our differences and similarities through focusing on things like farming and weather in both countries. The children have written letters to each other to find out about each other’s interests. 

Spirituality at NJK: Reciprocal letters from a NJK pupil to a pupil in Kikundi:

Spirituality at NJK: We encourage pupils to explore and develop what animates themselves and others.

In EYFS the teacher has specific learning objectives for each area of the curriculum. Once the teacher has ‘delivered’ the objective the children begin child-initiated play. The teacher then approaches each child to enhance their learning through the activity they are engaged in.

Spirituality at NJK: We pride ourselves on developing a climate and ethos within NJK which allows all pupils to grow and flourish, respect others and be respected.

 During our Congratulations Assemblies throughout the year children have the opportunity to ‘thank’ or ‘congratulate’ their talk partner. The children are drawing on our school values to inform their reasons for ‘thanking’ their talk partner. They value respect, friendship, resilience and courage. 

Teachers also value the opportunity to reflect on our pupils' successes. During our Congratulations Assembly there is a tangible atmosphere of mutual respect. Each week every teacher congratulates a child for ‘living our values’.

Spirituality at NJK: At the beginning of each school year every class discuss what they value in a learning environment and what will enable them to flourish and reach their potential in everything they do.


Hazel Class produced this Class Charter to enable them to learn and flourish in a climate of respect.

Spirituality at NJK: Children show a sense of empathy with others, concern and compassion.

During a Year 1 and 2 RE lesson exploring how and why Christians celebrate Harvest, children expressed a wish to help people in our community who do not have enough food. This resulted in a letter being sent to parents asking for donations to be delivered during our Harvest Festival Celebration. The children were so proud of their efforts!