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Rowan Class 2021-2022

Summer Term Topic fact sheet 'Life on the farm'

Knowledge Organiser 'Life on the farm'

Having a go at imagining what it might feel like to be Jewish and celebrate Shabbat

Spring Term Knowledge Organiser

Rowan Class have completed some amazing space research homework projects.

We enjoyed painting in the style of Jackson Pollock.

In RE our big question is ' Who is Jewish and how do they live?'

RE lesson exploring precious objects - We had a look at precious objects you might find in a Jewish home and thought about what they might be called and what they might be used for.

RE lesson - We were learning about why a Mezuzah is precious for Jewish people. We learnt that it holds the shema which is a special prayer which reminds Jewish people to love God every day with all their heart. We wrote our own ideas of things we thought were important to be reminded of every day to make Rowan Class a happy and special class to be.

Spring Term Topic: Zoom zoom, We're going to the moon!


Wow Out! Now Press Play! 

We went on a magical adventure and learnt all about materials and changing states! Look at what we got up to!


What do you remember? 

What was your best bit? 


Here are some of the children's comments: 

"Solids are rocks and the world is made of rock" 

"Liquids are water and fizzy pop" 

"Gases we cannot see" 

"You can smell gas" 

"Liquids keep you hydrated" 

Autumn Term 2 "Baby it's cold outside!" 

Autumn Term 1 Our Five Senses 

We had a lovely afternoon exploring all our five senses.

Which senses can you spot on the slide show below? 

Rowan Parent Information PowerPoint

Self Isolating pupils 

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