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Rowan 2019 2020



Another mission has been accepted!

We rein acted the Apollo 11 Space mission and found out some interesting facts. 


What can you remember? 




We now have a KINDNESS JAR! Everytime we catch someone being kind a pebble goes in. We also write notes and put them in too! 


What can you do to be kind? 





A space rocket arrived in our classroom! We had to crawl through and we found lots of artefacts on the tables. We then had to ask questions and write about what we could see! 


What do you remember? 

Maths Café


Thank you to all who attended the Maths Café last week we raised a total of £28.33 which will go towards our classroom fund to resource future exciting activities in school. 


Hope you found it useful on how we teach Maths in Year One and to use some of the strategies at home. 

Knowledge Organiser Spring Term

Year 1 WOW in! 


Thank you to all who came to the Wow in for our new topic "How does your garden grow?"


The children really enjoyed planting beans, writing in their bean diary, answering scientific questions and discussing what they knew about our new topic. 




Year 1 Dance 


In PE we have been learning about sequencing moves together pretending we are Little Red Riding Hood running away from the Big Bad Wolf. 


We came up with our own ideas and put together a sequence using travelling, a jump and then a gesture. 


We then put all our ideas together to complete the dance together as a class. 


Lastly, we evaluated our dance back in class and came up with ideas on how to make it better:


"We could do partner work!" IJ

"We could work on our own more" EA

"We could make up the dance with a partner and then they follow us" PW

"Say thank you for watching us at the end of the dance" BRH

"We could do more star jumps" ET 


Year 1 Dance LRRH through the Forest

This is "Year 1 Dance LRRH through the Forest" by Florence Louisa on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.



Hope you all had a restful and lovely time celebrating Christmas and New Year. 


The Year 1 team would like to thank you for all your well wishes, gifts and cards in the run up to Christmas and are looking forward to starting our new topic, "How does your garden grow?"


WOW IN: Next Monday 13th January at 2.30pm- you are welcome to come in and help plant a bean with your child. 


Look forward to seeing you there. 


Year 1 Team 




In RE this term we have been asking 'What is the good news Jesus brings?'

We use the RE - Searchers 'Have a Go Hugo', 'Ask it All Ava', 'Debate it all Derek' & 'See the Story Suzie' to help us become experts.

Guided Tour of Antarctica!


Today we went on an adventure to Antarctica! 

We looked at the weather, animals, people and what clothes we would wear. 


Next week we will be comparing the Kalahari Desert and Antarctica. 


Which place did you like best? 



We went exploring the Kalahari Desert and found lots of animals that lived there as well as a tribe. We discussed what the weather was like, what you need to wear and what you may see, feel and hear. 


We are off to a 'cold place' in a few weeks time- I wonder where it will be? 

Superhero Day! 

Wow what a fantastic day we had for our Wow Out!

We experimented making slime, designed our own cape, wrote about our Superhero and did some Superhero Maths. 

Well done for a fantastic half term everyone! 



Using our senses to make sense of the world! 


We used all our senses to touch, see, hear, taste and smell. 

Look at the classroom starting to take shape! 


What are you most looking forward to in Year 1?

Thanks to all who attended the Welcome to Year 1 Parent Meeting on Wednesday.

Please find PowerPoint below and our Curriculum Overview for the year. 


Wonderful Pop up Museum! Thanks who all attended on Wednesday!

Summer Term 2 2019 

Mrs Berry, Mrs Scott, Mrs Fincher and Mrs Thompson-Latham


In Year 1 we have been learning about

the story of Burglar Bill. 


Look at our fantastic news reports we wrote ourselves! 

Summer Term 1 2019 

Mrs Berry, Mrs Scott, Mrs Fincher and Mrs Thompson-Latham


Look at how busy we have been this Summer Term!


 We learnt about New York and went on a guided tour. Afterwards we experimented with pastels and made some beautiful New York skyline silhouettes. 


In Year 1 we read our Bear Fact Files to the children in Reception.



Visiting New York!

Reading Bear fact files to Reception!

Autumn term 2018 2019

Mrs Smith and Mrs Scott

Mrs Fincher

Please follow the link below to access up to date Spring Read Write Information.

The children had a fantastic afternoon enjoying their WOW in for their new topic, "We're going on a train ride!"

They worked in teams as engineers, architects and foremen to build bridges made from different materials. Each bridge had to span a 30cm gap and be able to hold a 100g weight. They learnt that to carry out a fair test everything needed to remain the same except one thing - the materials the bridges were made from. What an exciting afternoon!


Thank you to everyone who came to KS1's Pop-Up Toy Museum this afternoon. The children thoroughly enjoyed seeing you and sharing what they have been doing this term- especially the pop-up toys they made! They really enjoyed having the chance to write to relatives to find out about what toys were like in the past and we have shared many reply letters in class. 


Rowan and Hazel classes visited Bishops Wood today and had an amazing time learning about all sorts of mini-beasts! We went pond dipping, mini-beast hunting, tree shaking and insect catching. We learnt all about the different types of mini-beasts there are and how they are classified.

Week of Inspirational Maths 24th - 28th September


We all need a positive attitude towards maths and in class we have been talking about Growth Mindset and how this helps use learn. So remember:

  • We all learn by our mistakes
  • The power of Yet! I can't do it YET
  • Be the best that we can be


In maths lessons this week we will be exploring a range of different problems that will encourage us to think creatively, work together, visualise and draw, and most importantly recognise that there are many different ways to get to the answer and this is when we learn and deepen our understanding.

Oh no its a Gruffalo!


This term our science topic is all about animals. We will be investigating and exploring how to classify animals, what animals need to survive and considering if the Gruffalo make a good pet! Just before half term our WOW OUT will be a trip to Bishops wood Outdoor Centre.

What a fantastic start to the new school year! The children have been really enthusiastic and are settling in to the new routines. 


Academic Year 2018-2019

What another exciting academic year we have had!

Take another look at the incredible learning journey you have been on this year.

Good luck if you are moving classes or school.

Good luck from

Mrs Marshall & Mrs Pasmore

Summer Term 2018

WOW IN DAY FOR OUR NEW SEASIDE TOPIC - making the lighthouse keeper a new lighthouse

We had fun harvesting our salad leaves and using our maths to make our salad dressings, ready for our WOW out afternoon. We hope you enjoyed them.

This week we have been finding out what a plant needs to grow and which plants are edible.

We have also planted some seeds of our own.

Find out more about our focus artist Arcimboldo.

We don't want to spoil any surprises but our Arcimboldo inspired art work is coming on a treat. They will be on display during our WOW out on Tuesday 26th June.

Spring Term 2018

Hazel and Rowan are planning their circus WOW OUT assembly/show on the afternoon of Tuesday 8th May.

We would love you to join us, for what promises to be an exciting afternoon. See you at 2.15pm!

If the children mention an 'Elephant Song' that they've been told to practise, please follow this link. All will be revealed at our WOW out...!


Rowan and Hazel Class have been learning about 3D shapes, their names and their properties. It has been quite a challenge. Here are some 3D shapes that the year 1's found on their shape hunt.

KS1 - Circus Performers in Training!

Last Thursday was our 'Wow In' for our new topic 'The Greatest Show on Earth'.

We welcomed Mr. Sensible, the circus performer, to NJK and had a fun-filled day. We enjoyed a day full of circus silliness and an opportunity to learn a  load of new tricks! Children were able to show their resilience and perseverance as the activities were far from straight forward. We also finished writing our letters to Freddy Mole the Lion Tamer and made some trapeze acrobats out of paper. Our topic continues next week when we write instructions for how to catch or tame a lion and learn all about the continents and oceans of the world.

Take a look at all the photos from the day and see if you can spot any children spinning more than 4 plates at a time!


The Great Fire of Littleworth.

Our Great Fire of London topic will be drawing to a close after half term.

We would like to invite you to our WOW OUT afternoon on Thursday 1st March at 2.15.

The children will be sharing poems, letters and recounts produced during this topic, you will be able to watch their video of the Great Fire of Littleworth and you can sample their freshly made breads.

We look forward to seeing you and celebrating all that we have achieved.


The next half term is very short and our new topic will be circus themed.

We are hoping to welcome some people in to teach us circus skills in the second week back as part of our WOW IN. We will confirm this the first day back after half term. We then are planning on inviting you in to watch a circus themed show at the end of the topic.


Have a wonderful half term.

We have learnt how 17th and 21st century jobs differ.

Tuesday 6th February

What an amazing morning we have had learning how to stay safe in the event of a fire. A huge thank you to Firefighter Nathan and Firefighter Keith for sharing details of their jobs. We all learnt such a lot.

To find out more about fire safety follow the link below.


So, after observing the bread for 2 weeks, at last something has happened.

Most of us predicted that the bakers with dirty hands would put more germs on to the bread than the bakers with clean hands and as a result the dirty bread would grow more mould.

Take a look and see for yourself. 

What is your conclusion?

Take a careful look at Ava's group - how could you explain this result?

Support your child with phonics more confidently this half term.

Information on teaching split digraphs in the 3 minute video below.

Scroll down to find the 'long vowels - blue' guidance video for parents - on split digraphs which we will be learning intensively for the next 3 weeks in phonics.


Alphablocks videos can be found online to help reinforce all the phonemes that have been taught so far in the year 1 curriculum.


Tuesday 23rd January - Generating vocabulary ready to write a character description. We recorded all of our words using a word cloud generator. The bigger the word the more times it was suggested.

Practise reciting our version of Little Red Riding Hood using the story map that we made.


Thursday 18th January - We started our science investigation today to find out 

'Do clean hands stop germs from spreading?'

We discussed why it is so important to wash our hands. We also thought about jobs where clean hands were really important. We thought it was particularly important if you were a doctor, dentist, nurse or someone who made or sells food.


We then imagined that we were bakers working in the 'Pudding Lane' bakery.

We all agreed that we would not want to buy bread made from someone with dirty hands.


We wanted to try and find out if dirty hands really made a difference so we got some sliced bread. Half of us washed our hands before handling the bread and half of us rubbed our hands over the furniture and the carpet. 

We then put the slices of bread in plastic bags and we are waiting to see what will happen.


We have predicted that the dirty hands bread will go mouldy quicker than the clean hands bread because we think that there will be more germs on the dirty hands bread.

Watch this space!


Thursday 25th January - UPDATE

We looked at the bread this afternoon, one week after setting up the test.

Nothing appears to have happened!

We will keep you updated and post some photographs when we begin to notice a change.


Fly over London 350 years ago.

We watched this clip today to think about what it may have been like in London about 350 years ago (before the fire happened). We tried to spot what was different to nowadays. We saw animal carcasses hung outside homes, buildings made from wood, open fires in the streets, candle lamps and we agreed that it looked dark and dirty. We even spotted a few plague victims in an alleyway. Take another look you might spot something different this time.

BBC Watch Magic Grandad - Samuel Pepys - Great Fire of London

We also watched this episode to find more about the actual fire.

WOW IN - London Bridge is falling down!

Still image for this video
11th January - In teams we have been planning and construction bridges today. Each team is trying to build a bridge that will bridge a 1 metre gap between two tables. They have 10 sheets of news paper and an unlimited supply of masking tape. We tested the first bridge which withheld 200g before breaking. We will be testing the rest tomorrow.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
Unfortunately 2 of the videos were too large to upload. Here are 3 examples of your children working together cooperatively towards a common goal.

Building bridges. Whose will be the strongest?

The results are in!

The bridges withheld the following weights before collapsing.

Ben’s group 200g

Ayrah’s group Less than 200g

Joe’s group 1kg

Thomas’ group 200g

Jessie’s group 6kg


Which bridge was the strongest?

Which bridge was the weakest?

Which 2 bridges held the same weight before breaking?

4th January - Inspired by the cold and snowy weather of winter we decided to write some Haiku poetry during our first 3 days back.

The children are always bursting with ideas and were great at putting these ideas together to ensure that their poem, had the  3 lines consisting of 5 syllables, 7 syllables and then 5 syllables that is required for a Haiku poem.

I'm sure you will agree that they have done an excellent job. Here are just a selection.


Spring 1 2018 - a few clues to keep you guessing about what we are learning this half term.

5th January - It was great to see so many parents and grandparents at our WOW OUT Tudor activities and market afternoon. the children loved sharing their learning with you and the most popular activity (with parents) seemed to be making Tudor Jumble biscuits out of playdoh. We look forward to the next one!

Welcome back to Rowan Class.

Autumn Term 2017

Rowan Class busy learning and making Tudor style.

A quick round up of the second half of the autumn term. Starting with our Wow in trip to Eastnor Castle!

This has inspired us to make golden frames for our royal portrait photos, design our own coat of arms, make Tudor 'jumble' biscuits and lavender bags. We have also started to research  both Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Elizabeth II and what it would have been like to live during Queen Elizabeth I reign.

Our super written recounts of our trip will be uploaded soon!

Recount Writing about out trip to Eastnor Castle.

Snow halts lessons...briefly! Now enjoy your snow day and stay safe.

We all had fun writing instructions on how to catch Father Christmas! Here is the map that we used to learn our model instructions, which then helped us to write our own.

Our 'Space Pirates' topic will begin with us enjoying the Jill Murphy story 'Whatever Next'.

We have designed our own planets. These have been the inspiration for our poems and stories.

The Scarecrows' Wedding

You may have noticed our scarecrows at the front of the hall during Harvest Assembly today. They were built during our Forest School session last week.
They are based on the scarecrows from the Julia Donaldson story 'The Scarecrow's Wedding'
Here is the video if you would like to watch the story again.


We had a great afternoon at our first maths cafe of the year. We really enjoyed making and selling our space biscuits and alien cakes to you. We also liked you taking part in our maths investigation.


The children are very excited about sharing and using the maths games that you took home in your resources pack. We hope that the parents workshop with Mrs Smith was useful. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

We look forward to seeing you for our wow out assembly on Thursday 19th October at 2.15 to showcase this half terms work.

Inspirational Maths Week - Ks1 enjoyed 'thinking deeply' and using growth mindset theories to help them tackle their maths this week.

Mrs Marshall is very excited. Look what has just arrived! 

Julia Donaldson's brand new story book.  Ready for story-time next week!

Composing our own lyrics!

Still image for this video
What an amazing start to the term. We have been thinking all about the season of summer. We have shared our holiday news, been practising our number work and playing games. We are having fun getting to know our class friends.
Today we even composed two songs about summer. We had lots of great ideas to use. Have a look below!

beach song2.MOV

Still image for this video
For those reception parents who were unable to attended the final phonics session, here is a link to the 'transitioning to year 1' information that was discussed.
Don't forget that there are two parallel key stage one classes. Children in both Rowan and Hazel are taught the same curriculum and topics. Rather than sharing the same news we try to show a range of experiences and learning that have taken place across the curriculum. Why not take a look at Hazel's class page to see what else we have been up to in KS1.

Homework (brain builders) and spellings will be set weekly and all information will be communicated via the 'homework' page of the website.

Please ensure that you check what the task is each week, in order to best support your child.

Information for parents new to key stage one.

Great to see so many new parents this afternoon. Main areas discussed are on the following powerpoint. Please feel free to come in to clarify anything further.

September 2016 - July 2017

What an exciting academic year we have had!

Take another look at the incredible learning journey you have been on this year.

Good luck if you are moving classes or school.

We look forward to seeing everyone else after the summer break.

Mrs Marshall


We are nearing the end of the year and children are still busy learning. In key stage 1 we have been using the story Burglar Bill as our focus this half term. We have created wanted posters, front page newspaper articles and compiled evidence sheets from the scene of the crime. We have taken our own fingerprints and looked at them with a magnifying glass.

Our focus has been on persuasion.  

To complete the unit we held a mock court case for Burglar Bill and we thought carefully about what the prosecution and defense teams might say. We split in to groups and acted out the scenario. We even called witnesses!

Lots of discussion and some moral dilemmas! The jury is still out!


Our day in court! What will the jury decide?

Some of our fantastic work. We have also been planning routes and collecting and presenting data in maths lessons.

Burglar Bill Animation.

A peek at the start of the story.

Flying ahead in to the Summer Term! Our next topic is called Heroes and Villains!

Using what we know and using our SPaG to show it.

This term our work will be inspired by the text Traction Man. A great story about a hero!

We have already planned and started writing a prequel chapter to the book, as we found out in the story that this is not the first Traction Man the boy has owned. His first Traction Man had a 'terrible parachute accident' and we have some ideas about what could have happened. Watch this space...stories to be uploaded soon!

We have also been devising villainous plans! This is how we think a villain should catch a superhero.

Year 1's have almost completed phase 5 in their phonics and are now identifying gaps in their knowledge and practising the trickier digraphs. To support your child at home here are 2 games that you might like to play with them.

At parents evening we were asked to suggest appropriate activities or workbooks that year two children could use at home. Although we don't endorse any one product, the following workbooks are up to date with the current assessment framework.

Our new  theme is 'The Perfect Pet'.  We will be learning about animal life-cycles and habitats. 


Year 2's have been playing a fun SPaG game today. We have been learning about commas in lists.

There are several things that you need to remember when writing a list sentence.

  • Your sentence needs a starter

Today ours was 'I went to the pet shop and bought'


  • Use adjectives as well as nouns to add more detail

So instead of saying 'a lead' use an adjective to describe it.

It could be a sparkly lead, bright yellow lead or a retractable lead.


  • Use the commas to separate the items in your list

I went to the shop and bought a __________ , _____________, ______________ and __________.


  • Also remember to check whether you have used 'a' and 'an' accurately in your sentence.

A lead, an elephant, an apple, a bowl.


Now for the fun part! Think of an animal but don't tell anyone what it is.

Say your 'I went to the pet shop and bought sentence' and your friend or parent has to guess what the animal could be.


Can you guess mine?

I went to the pet shop and bought a glass tank, a heat lamp, a thermometer and some juicy mice.


We have been imagining our own pets with personality, inspired by an Axel Scheffler book.