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Summer 1 - Year 4 Teeth and digestion

Ash class have been learning about the different teeth that children and adults have and the functions of each type.  They made labelled models out of playdough which was great fun!


We have also learnt the journey that our food makes as it is digested through our bodies!

STEM Afternoon - March 2024 - The Curly Wurly Challenge

Year 3 and 5 worked in groups to see who could stretch a curly wurly the furthest!  The winning team managed a whopping 2.18m! 

STEM afternoon - March 2024 - Whole School Biscuit Dunking Investigation

In Science Week, the whole of NJK took part in a biscuit dunking investigation, where we answered questions such as 'Does the thickness of a biscuit affect the amounts of time it can be dunked?' or 'Your teacher likes to dunk a biscuit in her tea.  Which biscuit would be best to dunk?'  


The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and even got to eat a biscuit or two!  As well as having fun, there was so much science packed in, including making predictions, drawing results tables, displaying results as a bar chart and carrying out a fair test.

STEM Afternoon - March 2024 - EYFS/KS1 Airplane Challenge

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 took part in an airplane challenge to see who could make an airplane that would fly the furthest distance.  

STEM afternoon - March 2024 - Spaghetti and Marshmallow Challenge

Year 4 and 6 took part in an engineering challenge to see who could make the tallest tower using only spaghetti and marshmallows.  They worked brilliantly as teams and used excellent problem solving strategies.

Spring 2 - Microscopes

We have been lucky enough to have a set of electronic microscopes on loan from The Royal Society of Microscopy and the children have loved using them to look at a variety of samples.

Maple Class Science Trip to Pershore High School

Year 5 enjoyed a morning at PHS, carrying out a variety of investigations with the staff from the school and their science club members. 

Yearly Science Day Planner 2023-24

NJK Science LTP and progression documents