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Many hearts build a school...

The following prayer was shared with the children during assembly this week:


Lord Jesus Christ,

This is our school, let your light shine here.Let the rooms be full of joy.

Let love be all around-love for one another; love for all people;

and love for you.

Let us remember that, as many hands builds a house, so many hearts build a school.


Here are some of the responses when asked today 'Is your classroom full of joy?'

Willow class pupils...Our classroom is full of joy because we have been playing with toys, getting to know new friends and we have a funny ketchup bottle.

Rowan class pupils...We have lots of things to do and so many areas to visit in the classroom and we get stickers.  

Hazel class pupils...We have been sharing with each other this week and being good friends.

Oak class pupils...The work is fun and a bit tricky but we all help each other.

Ash class pupils...Mrs Shoukry is always smiling and is full of joy!

Maple class pupils...The work is exciting and hard. We have been learning new subjects which are very interesting.