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Hazel Home Learning

Home Learning September - December 2020


In the event of the Hazel Class Bubble completely closing, work will be set daily via Seesaw. Please check each day and remember to post your work or send me a comment to let me know how you are getting on. 


Individual Home Learning - if immediate self isolation is required by individual pupils please be sure to read for at least 15 minutes everyday and log in to Education City to access YR2 maths and English games. You can also practise correct letter formation, number bonds to 10, 20, 100 or counting in 2s, 5s or tens (forwards AND backwards).


Your child's unique Education City password should be in the front of their Homelink Book on the passwords page.


You might also want to look at the current Knowledge Organiser on the Class Page of the website to give you some ideas of other things to find out about.


Please DON'T worry about logging on to TTRockstars just yet! (More information about this to follow shortly.)





Summer Term 1

Please log in to your child's Seesaw account to access daily set activities.


Welcome to the Hazel class home learning page! 


We hope that you and your families are all well and safe.


On this page, you will find some key learning activities that the children can complete over the school closure. We appreciate that there may be difficulties accessing online materials all the time so please use any updates as a guidance and feel free to be as creative as you like in this time of uncertainty.  


Have fun, stay safe and enjoy this time with your family. 

We hope to see you all soon.


Mrs Parton and Mrs Thompson-Latham




Good morning Hazel Class


I'm sure you are all working hard and trying to complete as much learning as you can whilst you are at home. I am sure I will be very proud of how you have all been getting on and I'm really looking forward to using seesaw after Easter so I can see what you've been doing :)


Good news! Today is the last day of the Spring Term and that means you won't have to complete any learning tasks for the next 2 weeks as it's the Easter Holidays! The bad news is that it means I won't be leaving you messages for the next 2 weeks, however that doesn't mean I won't be thinking about you and wondering what you are doing! Don't eat too many Easter eggs! 


As promised yesterday, today's activity is a fun maths Scavenger Hunt!

Have a good holiday and take care of yourselves and your family AND KEEP WASHING YOUR HANDS!


Mrs Parton



Oops nearly forgot to tell you what yesterday's building was!! It's now a sports hall but has a very interesting past.



Good morning Hazel Class


Hello children, I hope you are all well. 


Today I'd like you to continue working on your report about the continents. If you've finished that then there's a fun scavenger hunt below that you might like to complete! You can write the books you find foe each answer into your English books.

Last night when Mr Parton and I were out walking we saw a strange looking building! I wonder what it's used for? Do you have any ideas? (Answers tomorrow)

Remember to pick some of the activities from the grids in your books and to read for 15 minutes today. 


I am really looking forward to using seesaw with you after Easter so that you can send me pictures of what you've been doing! 


Watch out for a maths scavenger hunt tomorrow.


Take care and keep safe. Keep washing those hands and staying at home!


Mrs Parton


01.04.2020 Wednesday


Good morning Hazel Class


Were you able to write instructions about making or doing something yesterday? I hope you included all of the important features of instruction writing!


Have a look at these pictures. 

On my walk with Mr Parton yesterday we saw another hedge in the shape of an animal. The only problem was we couldn't agree on which animal it was! What do you think? Do you have any other suggestions? Write them in your English book and explain why you believe it's that animal. Did you find out what clipping hedges and bushes into shapes is called? It's topiary! Well done if you got that correct. 


I hope you are managing to choose two activities from your grid to complete each day. Don't forget you can complete them in different ways and in any order to suit you and your family. Remember to read everyday as well, you could read to your dog, your brother or sister or a teddy. You can read anything you like but make sure you read something every day!


Over the next few days I'd like you to start writing a report about the different continents of the world. Think about the song we've been learning; find out any other information you can in books; look on line or ask an expert (anyone you know who might have been abroad and can share some eye witness information with you safely).

Think about what makes a good report, remember it should be facts and information and anything your eye witness tells you might be an opinion, you will have to decide if it's true or not!

I have included some information above to help you along.


Don't spend too long on this each day as you have until Friday to complete this topic work.


Keep safe and stay well. Remember to wash your hands and ask your grown-ups for some hand cream if your hands are getting sore - I know that mine are :(


Mrs Parton


31.03.2020 Tuesday


Good morning Hazel Class


I hope you are all well and doing a good job of helping out around the house? If you can keep your bedroom tidy and put away your toys when you've finished with them I am sure it will be a big help to your grown-ups.


Don't forget to pick a Maths and an English activity from the grid in your book to complete today. Don't forget to read today as well. If you record your reading either in your home-school link book or in your English exercise book I'll be thrilled to have a look at what you've read when we get back to school!


Yesterday I made some flatbread and cooked some homemade tomato soup for my lunch; it was delicious.

Perhaps you have been able to do some cooking while you have been at home? Or have you made something else?


Today I'd like you to write some instructions to show someone how to cook/make something. If you haven't been able to make anything then you could write some instructions for something you'd like to make. Or you could write some really useful instructions about how to wash your hands or blow your nose. I have included templates below to give you some ideas. 

Have a lovely day and remember to keep safe and wash your hands.


Mrs Parton


30.03.2020 Monday


Good morning Hazel Class


I hope you have all had a good weekend despite the change in weather! I have been unpacking boxes after my house move and finding new places to put things. It has certainly been a busy weekend for me even though I can't really go out much. I hope you have found plenty of things to keep you busy at home.


As it is the start of a new week, have a look back through you exercise books and see if you can spot any thing that you could improve in the work you completed last week. If you have a purple pen at home you could have a go at correcting and mistakes or improving your work by looking for missing capital letters or full stops; checking your number and letter formation and adding more interesting vocabulary to your writing. (You could use any colour pen if you don't have purple!)


Did you manage to complete your weather chart for the whole of last week? Were you able to find out about the weather in Morogoro, Tanzania as well as in the UK? If not have a look back through my messages to find out what it was like.


Today I'd like you to write a short report about what you noticed about the similarities and differences between the weather in the UK and the weather in Tanzania. Remember to think about all of the features that you should be including in a report. Check out the sheet below for ideas of what to include.

Don't forget to keep reading every day for 15 minutes. You could make yourself some word cards with tricky words on and try to read them faster each time you have a go.


I hope you have a great day. Above all, take care and keep safe (and wash your hands).


Mrs Parton


27.03.2020 Friday


Good morning Hazel Class!


Another lovely sunny day yesterday in the UK and thunder storms in Morogoro. Mr Mrutu told me there was lots of thunder on Thursday but not too much rain. This is a good thing and the flood water is going down a bit too. I hope you're keeping your weather chart each day.


In school today we played snakes and ladders, wrote a fact file, make a game using graphemes (sounds) we wanted to practice and described 2D shapes. I worked with some children from Willow and Rowan as well as one from Hazel. There were only a few of us and it was very quiet without you all. 


I was able to come home at lunchtime and went to the supermarket on the way home. I had to queue up outside and wait to go in. The supermarket staff are working hard to keep us all safe during the pandemic so I remembered to say a big thank you on my way out. 


This evening while I was out walking with Mr Parton lots of people came out and clapped for the NHS to say thank you. I expect some of you will have heard the clapping near where you live. It made me feel proud that so many people were showing how much they appreciate everyone who is working to keep us all safe.


While I was out on my walk I saw a bush that was shaped like a snail! Can you find out what it is called when people shape their trees and bushes into different animals or objects? Here is a picture of the one I saw


Remember to pick a maths and an English activity to complete today and also to read for 15 minutes. I really want to see what you are doing in your books so I am looking at an app called seesaw which would mean you could send me pictures of your work and I could send you each messages in return. Hopefully I will get that sorted out soon. Ask your mum or dad to look out for an email from school soon. 


Today I would like you to practice your number formation any way you can. You could use water and a paint brush outside on the slabs, you could sprinkle some sand or salt on a tray and trace the numbers, your could make the numbers from play dough if you have any at home you could even make a number formation collage. (Writing them into your maths book is also fine!) If you use your book remember 1 digit in each square!



I hope you enjoy your learning today.


Above all, take care and keep safe (and wash your hands).


Mrs Parton


26.03.2020 Thursday


Good morning Hazel Class.


I hope you are all well and are trying your best to complete the Home Learning Tasks that have been set for you. There are plenty to pick from and of course you can do them in as many different ways as you can think of. Try to complete a maths and an English activity every day. Don't forget to record what you've been up to in your exercise books. 


Yesterday was another glorious Spring day and when I went out for a walk with Mr Parton we were very pleased to be greeted by a robin in a tree singing to us! We also saw several crows and rooks outside the window of our lovely new flat. Do you know the difference between a crow and a rook? Can you find out? Perhaps you could write what you find out as a fact file in you English book. Mr Parton knows a lot about birds and we often go to Slimbridge to see the birds there.


Don't forget to record the weather today on your weather chart. In Morogoro it is now their rainy season and it has been wet and warm today. Their temperature has been up to 32 degrees which is very warm compared to the UK! Some things are the same as the UK though, and they are very worried about the possibility of flooding which often happens in Morogoro at this time of year.


Tonight the weather man said it will get cold again here at the weekend so I'd like you to spend as much time outside as possible. Perhaps you could build an obstacle course in your garden and time how quickly you can complete it. You could include star jumps, pencil rolls and high knees! Draw and label a plan of your obstacle course and record your best times for completing it! Or if you don't have a garden draw a map of a walk around your street/house, don't forget to label it and perhaps add a key.


I'd also like you to see how many times today you can tell the time using an analogue clock (that's one with hands!). If you're not sure how to tell the time yet ask a grown-up to help you.


I will be in school Thursday and Friday looking after the children who have parents who are key workers. It will be very strange not to see all of your smiling faces but you can be sure I'll be thinking of you all!


Oh and don't forget to read for 15 minutes today, you can read anything, a recipe, a cereal packet, some instructions or an online book!


I expect you all worked yesterday's song but here are the words for the song that I've been humming today...


Through the highs and through the lows I go
With You here beside me
Every step I take with You I know
You're carrying me


Take care and keep well


Mrs Parton





25.03.2020 Wednesday


Home Learning Task


Good morning Hazel Class


It was another beautiful day yesterday and I hope you were able to get outside and look for signs of Spring in your garden. I'm looking forward to reading about what you saw and heard. Did you remember to fill in your weather chart? In Morogoro it rained almost all day and was very hot and humid. Can you find out what the word 'humid' means?


Don't forget to pick two activities from the grids in your books and complete them into the correct books. Make sure you use your neatest handwriting and remember correct letter formation. 

Letter Formation reminder

Today (Wednesday) I'd like you to write three things that have made you happy today in your 'Happiness Journal' (small narrow yellow book). If you didn't bring your journal home from school then you could perhaps start a happy list at the back of your English book. See if you can add three things every day. I wonder how many things will be on your list by the time we get back to school?


One final thought- do you recognise this song?


There's a hope
Beyond the sunset skies
And on the mountains high
There is hope
There's a peace
And in the darkest place
Whatever we may face
There is peace

All over the world
It's all across the nation
Wider than the ocean
And a love we can rely on
All over the world
It's higher than the highest
Deeper than the deepest
Got a love that is the greatest


I have been singing it a lot over the last few days and it has helped to cheer me up! Why don't you have a go at singing it too? I might just be able to hear you in Malvern!


Mrs Parton



24.03.2020 Tuesday


Home Learning task


Good morning Hazel Class!


What a beautiful sunny day it was yesterday, I hope you recorded it on your weather chart? Mr Mrutu, one of the teachers at Kikundi Primary in Morogoro, messaged me today and said it was grey and rainy in Morogoro and that they are expecting thunderstorms tomorrow. It is still a lot warmer that the UK though. Yesterday it was 11 degrees centigrade in Malvern and in Morogoro it was 23 degrees. 


Today I would like you to get outside in your garden and look for signs of Spring. You can draw what you see in your English book and label your picture. Can you write a few sentences to describe what changes happen during Spring? Use as many interesting adjectives as you can and don't forget your capital letters and full stops as well. If you can see any plants growing think about what they need to grow well and describe the perfect conditions for a plant to grow. 


Remember to read for 15 minutes today and you could go on TTrockstars and challenge me to a duel! You can also play lots of games on Education City if you are allowed to use the computer but make sure you check with your grown-ups first!


Have a good day and stay safe.




Mrs Parton





Monday- Home Learning


Good morning Hazel Class!


I hope you have all had a good weekend and managed to get outside for a little while in the lovely Spring sunshine yesterday. Have you noticed any signs of Spring around you? Here in Malvern there are lots of trees starting to bud and some beautiful Spring flowers poking their way through the grass outside the window of my new flat. Last night Mr Parton and I went for a long walk around our new home and the birds were all singing loudly. Listen out for the birds in your garden if you can. 


If you are staying at home there are lots of online exercise activities you could try, Joe Wicks is broadcasting a daily exercise class at 9am and Cosmic Kids yoga has some lovely routines you can easily follow.


Have you chosen two activities to do today? Don't forget to look at the grid on the inside of your Maths and English books and pick two things to do to keep you busy at home. Remember to use your neatest writing in those books and write down what you have been up to. You could also stick photographs in or draw and label pictures. I am looking forward to seeing your books when we get back to school and I hope it won't be too long before I can see you all again as well.


I would also like you to start collecting information about the weather each day and there is an idea about how you could present you information below. You could decide to use a different method like a tally chart or a block chart. If you can find out what the weather is like in Morogoro, Tanzania as well then you can compare our two countries. Kikundi Primary School is also closed at the moment and the teachers have been messaging me to ask if we are all ok. They also send their love to you all. 


Don't forget to read for 15 minutes today, you could write about what you read in your English book. I know you all picked some long chapter books from the library which might take a long time to read but don't give up! What do you think will happen in your book? Who is the main character? Is there a goody and a baddie in the story? Is this book similar to anything else you have read?


That's all for today. Make sure you are helping your grown-ups around the house and being polite and well behaved!


Mrs Parton





YR2 home learning packs can be found in the front of the Maths and English books sent home today and are also available to download below. You should have also received various resources to use when completing your learning activities.


Try to complete one Maths and 1 English activity each weekday and record them in your books. Don't forget to read every day


Check back each weekday for a message and further activities to complete.




Mrs Parton



Home Learning Grid YR2